Apple Watch Series 7 pre-orders start October 8, according to Hermès

The news: You’ll be able to pre-order the new Apple Watch in just over a week, according to Hermès, one of Apple’s official partners.

  • In multiple emails from Hermès, obtained by AppleTrack, customer service says “Apple Watch Series 7 will be available for preorder beginning October 8. 2021. Please let us know if you have any further questions!”
  • A source at Hermès has privately confirmed the validity of these emails without confirming the date specifically
  • Jon Prosser (74.6% accurate) has also heard a mid-October launch with pre-orders happening as soon as next week

Our take: Pretty sure we’ll be seeing pre-orders next week…likely on Friday. Excited to see if this year’s watch is as big of a design change as Apple has alluded to.