Gurman: Larger iMac Pro with Apple Silicon is still coming


The rumor: Amidst rumors that the larger iMac is officially dead and there won’t be an iMac Pro…Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Power On) believes otherwise.

  • With Apple announcing that M1 Ultra is the final chip in the M1 series, that Mac Pro is the final computer to be transitioned to Apple Silicon, and considering that Apple discontinued the existing 27-inch iMac, it appeared that Apple was saying there would be no more larger iMacs
  • “Some viewers took this to mean there would be no new iMac Pro with chips on par with the MacBook Pro or Mac Studio. I don’t think that’s the case. I still strongly believe a larger iMac with Apple’s pro chips is in development—but I don’t think it, nor the next Mac Pro, are coming anytime soon. The company’s statement is still technically true: The Mac Pro will be the last new Mac to get Apple Silicon. That’s because the iMac Pro doesn’t actually exist as a product. How can Apple update something that isn’t available? The Intel 27-inch iMac was just discontinued, and the previous iMac Pro was killed off a year ago,” Gurman says

Sam’s take: I’m extremely split on this because I can fully see Apple going either direction here. In one hand, the iMac is an iconic line and situates itself as a good middle-ground between a MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. On the other, that’s precisely where the Mac Studio and Studio Display sit now, too. But the iMac, as an all-in-one, is an iconic brand at this point that so many people know and love. Yet you could argue that’s why the 24-inch colorful iMac exists, though…