Here’s your first look at Tap to Pay on iPhone

The news: Before being officially released to customers, Apple is testing Tap to Pay on iPhone in select Apple Stores, as first spotted by Twitter user Michael.

  • Tap to Pay on iPhone was first teased early this year with no official release date, but it looks like Apple is using it in some of its own stores early
  • According to Apple, the feature allows for payment using “contactless credit and debit cards, and other digital wallets through a simple tap to their iPhone — no additional hardware or payment terminal needed”
  • Along with using credit and debit cards with an iPhone, the feature also allows for iPhone to iPhone transactions with no additional hardware
  • In a video shared by Michael, a customer is making a payment by taping their iPhone onto another…what we are seeing in the video is likely the unreleased Tap to Pay app (it features the same design as shown in the press release)

Ian’s Take: This is very cool to see Tap to Pay in person! While most didn’t bat an eye when it was announced, I think it will be a massive deal in the future. Any person with an iPhone, without any additional hardware, will be able to pay and be paid with just a tap: imagine the possibilities for small businesses!