iPhone 14 Pro may feature more RAM than ever before

The rumor: Apple will be upgrading the RAM on iPhone 14 Pro significantly, according to a slightly sketchy report from leaker yeux1122 (not yet tracked).

Here’s what the source says…

  • The iPhone 14 Pro memory components have been finalized and the 2022 lineup will see a dramatic upgrade from 6 to 8GB in RAM capacity
  • yeux1122 adds that production for the 2022 iPhones is accelerating
  • This source has previously shared accurate information about product releases such as the launch time frame and the chassis design of the iPad mini, but their track record is limited and not always accurate

Ian’s Take: While the source’s track record does not inspire much confidence, an upgrade in RAM capacity makes a lot of sense and I could see it happening. The iPhone 14 Pro is widely expected to feature the highest megapixel count by far in any iPhone, and that requires a lot of memory. RAM has never been a problem on iPhones because of the optimization done in iOS, but this new camera hardware could require a push up.