Over-ear AirPods Max released for $549 with noise cancellation and more

The news: Apple just released the highly-anticipated over-ear version of AirPods early Tuesday morning.

  • AirPods Max feature a retro design and come in 5 colors: green, red, blue, black and white
  • Major features: Adaptive EQ, Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Transparency mode, spatial audio and 20 hours of battery life
  • A special carrying case is also included (see below)
  • The new AirPods retail for a whopping $550, and will be available on December 15

Our take: These are the high-end headphones we have been waiting for! And previewed yesterday.

Exclusive: Apple plans imminent launch of new high-end headphones

The exclusive: Apple is gearing up to release their first pair of Apple-branded over-ear headphones, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter who request to remain anonymous.

  • The over-ear headphones, likely to tout AirPods branding, may launch as soon as tomorrow…but Apple’s plans are historically fluid and subject to change
  • Fan-favorite features will be included: Premium sound quality, auto play/pause when putting on the headphones or taking them off, instant pairing with your devices and noise cancellation are coming
  • Previous rumors suggest the product may be coined “AirPods Studio” and could start at $349

Our take: AppleTrack looks forward to seeing these new headphones unveiled very soon. Also…we wouldn’t expect an update to the Apple TV this year.

AirPods Studio icon appears in first iOS 14.3 beta

The news: A closer look at the design of AirPods Studio has been discovered in iOS 14.3 by 9to5Mac (77.2% accurate).

  • The image lines up with what the rumors have suggested: a headband connected to earpads by metal arms
  • AirPods Studio aren’t coming out until March of 2021, according to Jon Prosser (82.4% accurate)

Our take: Honestly, these look a bit odd. Maybe it’s just the shading and such in the icon, but they look a bit cartoon-esque to me.

‘Luxury’ AirPods Studio may cost $599, not coming next week

The rumor: Apple’s upcoming over-ear headphones will have an emphasis on the high-end, according to Jon Prosser (74.5% accurate).

  • There will be two variants:
    • Luxury: made of leather/metal for $599
    • Sport: made of cheaper materials for $349
  • According to Prosser, AriPods Studio will not be debuting at next week’s event

Our take: So $599 for headphones is insane. I’m not saying there’s not a market for them or that no one will buy them, but these will be in the same price-tier as some of the highest-end headphones in the world. Fascinated to see how these $599 AirPods will be marketed.


Apple plans third special event for November 2020

The rumor: In addition to events in September and October, Apple is also preparing to host a third product unveil in November, according to Jon Prosser (74.5% accurate), L0vetodream (88.7% accurate) and Mark Gurman (87.8% accurate).

  • Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and AirTag updates will all be complete by the end of October, leaving November wide-open for the following products:
  • With the median average accuracy of all 3 sources being 83.6%, the probability of this third Fall event is highly likely

Our take: A triple-event Fall series would be a fever dream in any other reality than the one we’re living in right now. With in-person gatherings not being a real possibility and Apple showing us in September that an event can be centered around 2-3 new products, this feels like the perfect cap to end Apple event season.

AirPods Studio announcement may be ‘imminent’

The rumor: The next major addition to the AirPods lineup is just around the corner, according to Jon Prosser (74.5% accurate).

  • With mass production ending later in October, a release is said to be ‘imminent’
  • Apple is holding a special event next week on October 13
  • AirPods Studio are said to feature neck detection, reversibility, Siri and more

Our take: These headphones have been rumored to be coming soon for well over two years now. This time, it seems like soon might actually be happening.


Purported AirPods Studio images and video surface

The leak: Ahead of a rumored release later this year, our first ever hands-on images of AirPods Studio have leaked from Fudge (66.7% accurate).

  • Apparently this is the ‘sport’ version, with a more breathable, mesh head pad
  • The headphones pictured here closely match descriptions of what other sources have described

Our take: Something tells me that these images are legitimate. Yes, they do look a bit odd. But I think retro is what Apple is going for with these. And I kind of dig it.