Leaked Apple Pencil 3 photo shows glossy design & new tip

The leak: A new photo of the Apple Pencil 3 has leaked, first shared by Mr.white (50% accurate).

  • Apple may be switching back to a glossy design for the exterior of the pencil
  • There’s also a new tip that is much larger and seemingly screws directly into the pencil (the current generation replaceable tip screws in over a protruding sensor)
  • A new iPad Pro is rumored to launch later this month

Our take: With White’s super mixed track record, I certainly have my doubts here. Why would Apple go back the glossy design? Other than slight nostalgia from the first generation pencil, I don’t really see a clear benefit here.


Hands-on photo allegedly shows black AirPods Pro casing

The leak: Apple may be working on a new color option for next-generation AirPods, according to Mr.white (50% accurate).

  • The image, which we are unable to verify the authenticity of, shows the inner portion of an AirPods Pro case…in black
  • Similar parts leaked ahead of AirPods Pro unveiling in late 2019
  • Rumors of black AirPods have been swirling since the first-generation version were released in 2016, but this is the first image leak we have ever seen

Our take: There seems to have been quite some care taken to protect the identity of the person who took the photo, but I’m still so skeptical that this will actually happen. Seems too good to be true!


AirPods Pro 2 may come in multiple sizes

The rumor: Apple may be working on multiple sizes of second generation AirPods Pro, according to Mr.white (50% accurate).

  • New images depict a longer cable attached to a similar System in Package (SiP) design
  • White also suggests the same audio chip (H1) will be included

Our take: White, who is accurate about half of the time, interestingly refers to the “W2 Chips,” in these images. However, Apple replaced the W1 chip in AirPods 1 with the H1 chip powering AirPods 2/Pro–perhaps he is referring to H1 as the second generation ‘W2’ chip? With no other sources reporting different sizing for AirPods Pro 2, this is a first.


First look at original AirPower prototype

The news: Our first ever hands-on images of an AirPower prototype have surfaced on video-sharing site bilibili and noticed by Mr.white (25% accurate).

  • There are layers of copper coils stacked on top of each other, likely leading to excess heating and ultimately resulting in the product’s cancellation
  • Above the coils sits a keyboard-esque looking aluminum panel with cutouts of complex circuitry
  • A Lightning connector was present on the device, as well

Our take: The original AirPower certainly would’ve been an engineering marvel. I’m curious to see how things turn out for the second version reportedly in the works…

New photos show same-size notch for iPhone 12

The leak: New photos of the iPhone 12’s display panel have surfaced, courtesy of Mr.white (25% accurate) and @1nsane_dev.

  • The photos show an unchanged, iPhone X-style notch
  • Previous rumors suggested the notch would be shrinking…significantly

Our take: I don’t believe it: no way Apple ships 4, 2020 handsets with the same notch from 2017. I don’t know where these leaks are coming from, but I just can’t fathom these phones being competitive with the old design.


iPhone 12 may ship with faster 20W charger

The news: This year’s iPhone 12 may be getting a faster 20w charger in the box, according to Mr.white (25% accurate).

  • The iPhone 11 Pro series currently ships with an 18W adapter
  • All lower-end iPhones still include the archaic 5W brick

Our take: The 18W adapter is already wicked fast, so the extra 2 watts here will help things charge even faster…if the battery stays the same size. But I have a feeling that the extra juice will be to fill up a larger battery at the same rate as the current models.


Next Apple Pencil may come in black

The news: The next Apple Pencil may be available in a new colorway, according to Mr.white.

  • Black is coming to the Apple Pencil, but it’s unclear if it will be replacing or supplementing white

Our take: As exciting this sounds, Mr. white currently has a very poor track record (25% for 4 rumors). Most of what this source has put out over the years has ended up incorrect, so there’s not a big chance that this will be any different. But to play devil’s advocate here: if a black Apple Pencil is coming…could black AirPods be coming next?