Flat-edge Apple Watch Series 8 could finally debut later this year

The rumor: An all-new design for Apple Watch could launch in 2022, according to ShrimpApplePro (not yet tracked).

Sam’s take: While everyone is obviously skeptical of this latest rumor, keep in mind that 3 major sources (Mark Gurman, Jon Prosser, Ming-Chi Kuo) all said a flat-edge design was coming on the Series 7 last year. I think it’s entirely possible, and even likely, that the leaks were just a year ahead, and that 2022 will be when we see this new look release.

iPhone 14 molds surface with first look at new sizing…and no mini model

The leak: Our first “hands-on” photos of iPhone 14 have been shared on Weibo by user Quick Evaluation Laboratory (via ShrimpApplePro).

  • Just like last year, there will be 4 iPhone 14 models to chose from…but this time there is only 6.1 and 6.7-inch sizing
  • Apple’s camera bumps on both Pro models appear to be getting moderately larger year-over-year
  • The post also claims that iPhone 14 Pro models will feature the pill + hole design, where the lower-end iPhone 14 devices will retain the notch
  • Quick Evaluation Labratory does not have a history of sharing leaks, but these models line up very closely with previous rumors from reputable sources and other design leaks

Sam’s take: These look pretty spot on to me…for the detail that we can glean, of course. Being that these are metal molds, we only get a look at the key changes (of which there aren’t many). Biggest takeaway here for me is that we’re seeing the sizing of the lineup side-by-side for the first time. RIP iPhone mini.

iPhone 14 won’t be getting USB-C (again)

The rumor: Apple is keeping their proprietary Lightning port standard on iPhone 14, according to ShrimpApplePro (not yet tracked).

Sam’s take: Am I surprised? No, not even in the slightest. Am I still absolutely heartbroken and disappointed beyond belief? Of course.

iPhone 14 rumored to have 20% thinner bezels

The rumor: Apple is slimming down the bezels on the flagship iPhones this year even further, according to ShrimpApplePro (not yet tracked).

Sam’s take: I don’t know what it is about these latest CAD images…but I’m starting to get it now. By eliminating the notch in favor of the “i” design, we’re getting equal bezels on every side of the device early. Sure, the dual cutout looks odd, but don’t the perfectly symmetrical bezels look better?

iPhone 14 Pro Max leaked in new CAD images with exact measurements

The leak: New images show detailed iPhone 14 Pro Max CADs along with measurements galore, as shared by leaker ShrimpApplePro (not yet tracked).

Ian’s Take: Now that many different CADs have been floating around showing this design, I am highly confident that this is the design that we will see in September. In addition to that, Sam and I are quite sure that these measurements are genuine and accurate: this source was the first to show off the pill shape design almost half a year ago.

Second image shows iPhone 14 display with larger hole punch design

The leak: Following a major leak last week about the new look for the “notch” on iPhone 14, a second image shared by ShrimpApplePro (not yet tracked) corroborates the larger size.

  • The new image shows the same pill + hole design that has been rumored for months…but now with the exact diameter of 5.631mm
  • Apple still plans to use the traditional notch look on standard iPhone 14 models: this new design is reserved only for Pro models

Sam’s take: In case there was any doubt about the size of the larger pill + hole design, this should extinguish it. Apple is almost certainly going in this direction whether we like it or not. I think it’s starting to grow on me?