Tim Cook confirms Apple’s next big thing

The news: Apple is focused on 3 big things for the future, according to a recent interview with CEO Tim Cook.

  • “We’re very focused on augmented reality, we’re very focused on artificial intelligence, we’re very focused on autonomy” Cook says…describing these things as “core technologies” that will be used “in a variety of dfiffent ways”
  • Apple’s future focuses, as revealed by Cook, line up closely with rumors of Apple’s upcoming AR/VR mixed-reality headset, AR glasses and tumultuous self-driving car project

Our take: I know this was a brief interview, but I can’t ever remember an instance where Cook has so candidly spoke to what Apple is really working on next. Usually Cook skirts the question or redirects the conversation to the products that are available to buy right now. But this time he said he directly: AR (see the headset and glasses), AI and autonomous tech (see the car). These were all open secrets already, but very cool to see Cook acknowledge them head-on.