Apple’s foldable iPhone may have a fabric hinge, Face ID & more

Antonio De Rosa

The rumor: Apple is actively working on the development of a foldable iPhone, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

  • The current foldable prototype has a fabric hinge
  • 2 separate display panels align perfectly to create a ‘seamless’ screen
  • Stainless steel rounded edges are also present
  • There’s also an outer display with no notch, but slim forehead with embedded Face ID
  • No release date is currently known

Our take: So Apple obviously has a lot of products currently in development that we’ve heard about: Apple Glass, Apple Car, foldable iPad, foldable iPhone…so on and so forth. The foldable iPhone is still something I just have a really hard time seeing from Apple. I have absolutely no doubt that they’re playing around with the idea for some kind of foldable…but the concept itself is still so niche in my mind. I’d bet that if this ever makes it to market, it’s still 2-3 years out.