Mark Gurman: No new Apple products this week


The rumor: Following rumors of new Apple products later this week, Mark Gurman (86.7% accurate) has suggested that won’t end up happening.

  • New Apple products, according to Gurman, will not be coming until later this month
  • Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate), however, says that Tuesday, September 8 is when a new Apple Watch and iPad are coming
  • Both Gurman and Prosser have disagreed on other details previously

Our take: Once again, it’s Gurman vs Prosser on the the details about an upcoming Apple launch. Gurman’s track record of 86.7% for 300+ leaks is unignorable, where Prosser’s of 77.8% for nearly 30 is solid…but not proven over time just yet. As of this latest update, it seems that we won’t be getting new products this week…