Rumor: Colorful MacBook Air will stick with M1 chip, no Mini-LED; M2 pushed to 2023?

The rumor: The redesigned 2022 MacBook Air will not feature an M2 chip, as previously rumored, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (70.4% accurate).

Here’s the report…

  • The 2022 MacBook Air will not feature a mini-LED display…contrary previous rumors
  • It will have a new form factor redesign and is said to come in many colors
  • It will ship with the M1 chip, not the rumored M2 chip
  • Mass production will start in second or third quarter of 2022
  • Editor in Chief of 9to5Mac, Chance Miller, says that he spoke with Kuo and was told that the existing M1 chip could be modified for the MacBook Air…and that the M2 chip could be pushed to 2023

Ian’s Take: This rumor confuses me. This laptop is rumored to ship in late 2022, two years after the release of the M1 chip. Naturally, I would expect the Air to come with a second-generation Apple Silicon chip, as heard from many different sources. Delays within the supply chain and the ongoing chip shortage could be the reason for this change in plans, however. Kuo also mentions that the device will not ship with Mini-LED. Many sources have said the opposite, but this makes the most sense. The rest of the report is the information we have heard before, but it is always great to see sources in agreement.