Sources agree refreshed Apple TV likely delayed until 2021

The rumor: Apple no longer has plans to update the Apple TV this year, according to Jon Prosser (85.2% accurate).

  • The Apple TV 6, which may have an A12x processor inside and redesigned remote, is now scheduled to release sometime in 2021
  • Mark Gurman (87.8% accurate) also suggested that the Apple TV originally scheduled for this year had been pushed back
  • However, The Verifier (51.9% accurate) maintains that a new model is still coming in November or December of this year

Our take: For once, Gurman and Prosser agree on this one: no new Apple TV this year. Sigh. Not that there are a ton of Apple TV fans drooling over the idea of an updated model, but 3 years without an update is a bit much.