Gurman: iPhone Fold still ‘two or three years’ away

The rumor: Apple is actively working on a foldable iPhone, but it won’t be coming anytime soon, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Power On).

  • On the topic of an iPhone that folds, “I think Apple will eventually do it, but it’ll be at least two or three years. I reported earlier this year that Apple has prototyped foldable iPhones, and personally, I think an iPhone with a giant, unfolding 7- or 8-inch screen would be the perfect device for me and a lot of other people” Gurman says
  • Numerous sources have suggested that this ‘iPhone Fold’ is in the works, but have also indicated that it is some time away still

Our take: I’m still not sold on foldable phones as I’ve yet to be impressed by anything I’ve seen on the market so far. Broadly, I think they’re a gimmick for people that are bored of the traditional smartphone design—and while I get that—it’s not for me. I think Apple will have to come up with a killer design and feature set to make something like this gain mass appeal.

‘iPhone Flip’ design likely, may be available in numerous colors

The rumor: Apple’s internal teams are pushing ahead on a foldable iPhone with a clamshell flip design, according to Jon Prosser (79.2% accurate).

  • While both flip and fold designs have been in testing, Apple’s focus has reportedly shifted to the flip-phone design
  • The foldable iPhone is also said to come in multiple colors, suggesting that this device will be targeted a more general audience

Our take: I definitely see Apple settling on one design, and this report from Prosser solidifies that mentality. Still, I’m highly skeptical that a folding iPhone from Apple will ever release, because it just doesn’t feel like something that they would do. Something about a folding phone feels cheap, regardless of the price tag.

Rumor claims ‘iPhone Fold’ coming in 2022 for $1,499

The rumor: Apple isn’t just working on a foldable iPhone…it’s coming in 2022, according to The Verifier (53.2% accurate).

  • The starting price for the larger-screened iPhone may be just $1,499, with 256GB of base storage included
  • 8GB RAM is also rumored to be standard
  • It’s possible the introduction of this hybrid device could mark the end of the iPad mini

Our take: To say I’m highly skeptical of this information is an understatement. The Verifier is just over 50% accurate and on top of that, pricing information doesn’t usually leak out until months ahead of a product’s unveil…not years. All of this sounds realistic, and it may be real, but I have my doubts.

Apple’s foldable iPhone may have a fabric hinge, Face ID & more

The rumor: Apple is actively working on the development of a foldable iPhone, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

  • The current foldable prototype has a fabric hinge
  • 2 separate display panels align perfectly to create a ‘seamless’ screen
  • Stainless steel rounded edges are also present
  • There’s also an outer display with no notch, but slim forehead with embedded Face ID
  • No release date is currently known

Our take: So Apple obviously has a lot of products currently in development that we’ve heard about: Apple Glass, Apple Car, foldable iPad, foldable iPhone…so on and so forth. The foldable iPhone is still something I just have a really hard time seeing from Apple. I have absolutely no doubt that they’re playing around with the idea for some kind of foldable…but the concept itself is still so niche in my mind. I’d bet that if this ever makes it to market, it’s still 2-3 years out.