Apple Watch Series 7 mass production delayed due to issues

The rumor: Apple has run into issues producing the new design for Apple Watch Series 7, according to Nikkei Asia (accuracy pending, source) and Mark Gurman (88.8% accurate, via Bloomberg).

  • Nikkei Asia reports that “manufacturers of Apple Watch 7, as the device is expected to be called, began small-scale production last week but encountered critical challenges in reaching satisfactory production performance, multiple people familiar with the situation said”
  • According to Gurman, a new lamination process used on the updated display could be also contributing to the issues

Our take: This is not a great sign, just days ahead of the expected unveil at the September event. Will Apple still announce the watches alongside iPhone 13 and provide later ship dates? I’m not sure. It’s possible they could also push the Apple Watch Series 7 to a different event entirely…

Ahead of busy Fall, Apple prepares production of AirPods 3, iPhone 13 & MacBook Pros

The rumor: Apple is preparing to produce a slew of products from iPhone to MacBook Pro, according to Nikkei Asia (rating pending).

  • According to the new report, Nikkei says that iPhone 13, new AirPods and MacBook Pro models will begin production next month, in August, ahead of what will likely be a busy Fall for the Cupertino-based company
  • Apple is expected to unveil new products at an event sometime in September

Our take: If this is true, this will be the first time new AirPods have been unveiled in the Fall since the originals back in 2016 alongside iPhone 7. I’m ecstatic to try their new design, and it looks like we’re finally getting them.

Apple ‘M2’ processor reportedly begins production ahead of next MacBook release

The rumor: Apple’s first major upgrade to their own silicon has started production, according to Nikkei Asia (rating pending).

  • The new tentatively named M2 chip may be ready to ship by July, meaning it will likely power the new MacBook models set to launch in the second half of the year
  • “Sources said it will eventually be used in other Mac and Apple devices beyond the MacBook” Nikkei notes

Our take: Two big takeaways in the story for me: 1) Apple may jump to M2 before something like M1X or M1Z and 2) that we likely aren’t getting new MacBook models ahead of the Fall.

Some iPad and MacBook models delayed due to global chip shortage

The rumor: Apple has pushed back the production of some iPad and Mac models, according to Nikkei Asia (rating pending).

  • What’s happening with the Mac? “Chip shortages have caused delays in a key step in MacBook production — the mounting of components on printed circuit boards before final assembly”
  • And bad news for iPad, too: “Some iPad assembly, meanwhile, was postponed because of a shortage of displays and display components, sources said”
  • Nikkei Asia notes that Apple has pushed back some component orders from the first half of 2021 until the second half of this year

Our take: I don’t think this applies to the upcoming iPad Pro…but this could certainly be an explanation for why we haven’t seen an Apple event announced just yet. This global chip shortage is quickly becoming a big issue for even large players like Apple.

New MacBook Pros may not launch until second half of 2021

The rumor: Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro models may not be launching for a few months still, according to Nikkei Asia (not yet tracked).

  • Nikkei says that mass production, which was initially scheduled for May or June, will not happen until the second half of 2021
  • Previous reports suggested that the new MacBooks could lunch as soon as this Summer

Our take: If there’s any good news in the story, perhaps it’s the fact that something like the iMac may have been pushed up for release…but that’s just a guess. Doesn’t seem like these new MBPs will be launching until sometime in the Fall.