AirPods, Magic Mouse & more rumored to get USB-C port in the future

The rumor: Alongside a new iPhone that boasts USB-C, more Apple products will also make the switch, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

  • “Other Lightning port products (e.g., AirPods, Magic Keyboard/Trackpad/Mouse, MagSafe Battery) would also switch to USB-C in the foreseeable future,” Kuo says
  • Apple is seemingly planning to kill off the Lightning port in its entirety sometime within the next 2 years, following a long and painful run after being first introduced in 2012

Sam’s take: This is, like the iPhone switching to USB-C, also too good to be true? Just seeing a rumor about this makes me laugh at how ridiculous Lightning is is…that keyboards and mouses, products designed to be used with Macs, Macs that only feature USB ports, ever featured a Lightning connector. It’s just nonsensical and silly. It looks like 2023 could be the end of that tomfoolery.

Reputable source says USB-C is coming to iPhone 15 next year

The rumor: After sticking with Lightning for a decade, Apple could finally make the switch to USB-C, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate, source).

  • Kuo states that from surveys in the supply chain, he has learned that it is likely Apple will abandon the controversial Lightning connector
  • Due to proposed EU regulations, Apple could be forced to switch to USB-C for the 2023 iPhone
    • The proposal states that all smartphones, tablets, and headphones that are sold in the UK must use a USB-C connector
    • EU politicians have petitioned for a standard connector, citing that more than 11,000 tonnes of unused charging cables are thrown out per year
  • USB-C is already on a number of Apple devices such as Mac, iPad Pro and iPad Air…plus the benefits include faster charging and transfer speed

Ian’s take: While this is exciting news, I’m not that confident in its validity. We have heard from many sources that Apple’s long-term goal is a portless iPhone, and if they do make the switch to USB-C, it would only be for a few years (something uncharacteristic for Apple). I also believe that the Made For iPhone program (MFI) has a massive role in Apple’s persistence to keep Lightning. MFI is a licensing program that guarantees the compatibility of accessories with iPhones and gives accessory makers tools to make these accessories. When one of these millions of 3rd-party products is sold, Apple gets a cut. With USB-C, they could not have this program because USB-C is a universal connector, unlike Lightning. It would be fantastic if Apple switched to USB-C, and while I can’t see it happening, I would love to eat my words.

Here’s your first look at Apple’s upcoming 35W dual USB-C charger

The leak: New images of Apple’s previously-rumored 35W charger have been shared by ChargerLAB (not yet tracked).

  • The new charger has a folding design with 2 USB-C ports that sit side-by-side…rather than on top of each other like most competing chargers
  • Considering how small this looks, I would almost guarantee that it’s powered by gallium-nitride (GaN) charging technology that runs cooler and packs more power into a smaller form-factor

Sam’s take: This is the most Apple charger I have ever seen, and I would bet almost anything that these are real. The folding design is sure to be a hit for a lot of folks (even though I’ve never been the biggest fan) and the 2 USB-C ports sitting side-by-side is pretty unique. Something tells me this could be for the new MacBook Air?

‘World’s first USB-C iPhone’ sells for more than $85k

The news: A custom iPhone with USB-C (instead of Lightning) has been purchased after days of intense bidding on eBay.

  • You just missed your chance to own “the world’s first USB-C iPhone,” which is actually a modded iPhone X with a custom USB-C port instead of Lightning on the bottom…it could have been yours for just $86,001 USD
  • The project, which was done by Kenny Pi, has garnered widespread attention due to the fact that the iPhone remains the last major smartphone in the market without a standard USB port

Our take: Listen, I want a USB-C iPhone more than anyone else in the world. But paying $86k for a four year old phone that can be updated or restored or used in any serious capacity? That’s a whole different level.

5.5-inch iPhone 13 prototype shows no notch & USB-C

The news: A possible 5.5-inch iPhone prototype for release in 2021 has surfaced, according to Macotakara (67.4% accurate).

  • The notch has been removed, presumably due to in-display Touch ID replacing it
  • Also present on this prototype is USB-C (something most sources have said will never materialize)

Our take: Like the last iPhone 13 leaks, these should be taken as entertainment over anything else. The final design for this year’s iPhone lineup reportedly isn’t even complete. Yet, we’ve been hearing more and more about the removal of the notch on at least one 2021 model…so this is a good sign.