Download the new purple iPhone 12 wallpaper here

The fun: Announced at its April 20 event, Apple has included a new default wallpaper alongside the new purple iPhone 12.

Our take: As a huge fan of Apple’s default wallpapers, I love that the new iPhone has a matching aesthetic to the 5 other models.

Download the official Apple M1 wallpapers here

The wallpapers: In macOS 11.1, Apple included two new stunning wallpapers…including the one on the box art of the new M1 MacBook Pro.

  • There are two new variations of the ‘light stream’ style wallpapers:
    • Light Stream Green
    • Light Stream Pink

Our take: Super glad to see Apple release these officially, in high resolution. The green variant is one of my favorite new desktop images in years.

Download the new M1 MacBook Pro wallpaper here

The wallpaper: Apple showcases a new, unreleased wallpaper on the box for the brand new M1-powered MacBook Pro.

  • It’s visually similar to the 16-inch MacBook Pro’s wallpaper
  • Apple hasn’t released a full-resolution original yet, but this article will are updated if or when they do

Our take: Taken from the box itself, the wallpaper features greens, blues and a streak of pink. It’s one of my favorite stock wallpapers in a while.

Apple November 10 ‘one more thing’ event wallpapers

The fun: Ahead of next week’s November 10 event, get in the mood with a batch of new wallpapers for iPhone and iPad.

  • The blurred aesthetic looks especially nice with app icons and widgets mixed together on your home screen
  • Full-resolution wallpapers will likely be released from Apple following the event next Tuesday, as both the September and October event invites later turned out to be marketing wallpapers



Our take: I hope Apple includes stock blurred wallpapers on iOS in the future. There were a lot of hints that this was coming, but we still haven’t seen that leaked wallpaper settings redesign yet.

iOS 14.2 beta 4 includes 16 new wallpapers, download them here

The fun: Included in the release of iOS 14.2 beta 4 are a crop of new wallpapers that are quite a bit different from what Apple normally includes in updates.

  • There are drawn and real-life wallpapers available that include light and dark mode variants, with 16 total new images available to choose from
  • The wallpapers break from Apple’s standard operating procedure and are reminiscent of photo wallpapers from iOS 4 to iOS 10

Our take: These are genuinely interesting because they feel so…I don’t know…random? Listen, I’m all for new wallpapers from Apple. But these don’t seem to follow and clear rhyme of reason…

Download the official iPhone 12 wallpapers here

The fun: Apple has released 5 new wallpapers in iOS 14.1 that correspond to the 5 new colors of iPhone 12.

  • Similar to iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers, these colorful images also appear to have been inspired by the addition of 5G connectivity
  • These wallpapers were extracted directly from the iOS 14.1 firmware and are available in the highest quality possible

Our take: Green in dark mode looks amazing.

Download the official iPhone 12 Pro wallpapers here

The fun: Purchasers of a new iPhone 12 Pro this year will be happy to know that four new wallpapers come pre-installed, as Apple does every year.

  • All four wallpapers feature light and dark modes, following a trend that started with iOS 13
  • The designs this year appear to be inspired by 5G radio waves, colorized to match the tint of each iPhone

Our take: Blue in dark mode is the best.

Download the official 2020 iPad Air wallpapers here

The fun: Alongside the release of iOS 14 earlier, Apple released high-resolution versions of the marketing wallpapers for the brand new iPad Air.

  • Coined ‘Noodles,’ the dark and light mode wallpapers sprawl and twist in every conceivable direction
  • While the wallpapers are out now, the new iPad Air itself doesn’t come out until October

Our take: It’s hard to pick a favorite here, but I think I’m going with the multi-color gray variants.

Download iOS 14’s exclusive CarPlay wallpapers

The fun: Alonside new wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, iOS 14 also includes some unique new wallpapers for CarPlay (thanks, 9to5Mac).

  • The 10 new wallpapers are similar, but slightly different than those available on other devices
  • There are unique light/dark red and tan variants exclusive to CarPlay

Download the new 2020 iMac wallpaper

The news: Apple included a nice marketing wallpaper in some of the images of the new 27-inch iMac.

  • Nearly every color of the rainbow is present in the image
  • @apple_idesigner worked some magic to provide you with the new wallpaper early

A fuller-resolution version of the wallpaper will be published as soon as it becomes available from Apple.

Download every macOS wallpaper in one image

The fun: The wait is over: you won’t have to switch between your favorite macOS wallpapers any longer, thanks to a fresh image courtesy of Twitter user @J3nRa1n.

  • It’s a chaotic mix. I actually prefer the prior version, which I also have linked down below

Our take: This certainly isn’t a wallpaper for everyone, but the brief splashes of color in each corner of your display really do pop.

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