iPhone 13 again rumored to launch in second half of September with 1TB storage tier

The rumor: Apple is launching the iPhone 13 earlier than last year, according to Wedbush Securities (69.2% accurate, via MacRumors).

  • The new report says Apple is definitely moving forward with a 1TB storage option (which could be useful if Apple’s higher-quality video features are coming)
  • Wedbush also reports that the iPhone will launch in the third week of September, which has been reported by others

Our take: Nothing new here except the reiteration of previous claims and more evidence for a third week of September launch. We’re getting closer to iPhone 13…

Second rumor says new 14/16-inch MacBook Pro coming at WWDC

The rumor: Apple plans to unveil 2 new versions of the MacBook Pro in just under a week, according to Wedbush (72% accurate, via MacRumors).

  • The new models will have Apple Silicon inside as a continuation of Apple’s shift away from Intel
  • Wedbush also says that new versions of iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS will be unveiled

Our take: 2 sources are now calling a new MacBook Pro at WWDC. I can’t wait to see it return (alongside the SD card slot, HDMI port and MagSafe).

New report says ‘there could be a few surprises’ at Apple event tomorrow

The rumors: Apple is preparing to launch a slew of new iPad models and more on Tuesday, according to Wedbush Securities (78.6% accurate, via MacRumors).

  • New iPads are coming: the report says that new entry-level iPad, iPad mini and iPad Pro models will be the focus of the event
    • iPad and iPad mini would be priced as they are currently, but iPad Pro is said to be getting more expensive
    • A new Apple Pencil may also be unveiled
  • A few surprises: Wedbush says iMacs, AirTags, and AirPods 3 could all debut at the 4/20 event
    • New iMac models may come in additional colorways
    • As for new AirPods, the report says that they likely won’t release until sometime this Summer…any mention at the event would simply be as a tease

Our take: Woah. Lots of new info in this report that no one else has called yet. For the iPads, a new mini AND new entry-level model are coming? I doubt this because no other credible sources have said so. Price increase for the Pro iPads would be pretty wild though, considering they already start at $799. I still absolutely believe we’ll be seeing new iMacs this event, but am not holding my breath for new AirPods.

iPhone 13 reportedly on schedule for late September launch

The rumor: At least some of Apple’s 2021 iPhones won’t be launching as late as the iPhone 12 lineup, according to Wedbush Securities (78.6% accurate, via 9to5Mac).

  • The new phones may be coming as soon as the third week of September 2021, but Wedbush notes that “product model tweaks” could push some models to early October
  • Apple launched iPhone 12 in October 2020, a break from the usual September release that started with iPhones 4S in 2011

Our take: All signs are pointing to the usual September release for at least some of the 2021 iPhones. This makes sense, of course, because the pandemic is finally coming to a close.

Non-5G iPhone 12 may launch in early 2021

The news: A 4G variant of the iPhone 12 will launch in early 2021, according to Wedbush Securities (100% accurate).

  • This 4G iPhone 12 could release around February of 2021, following the release of new 5G iPhones later this year
  • Wedbush says it’s expected to cost around $800

Our take: This is the first we’ve really heard of Apple working on a non-5G version of the iPhone 12. Wedbush’s track record is actually insanely good though…even though it would be a weird strategy. Why? Because Apple’s 5G iPhones are supposed to start at around $700. What’s the point of a non-5G iPhone that costs more than a 5G version?