Many 13″ MacBook Pro & 21.5″ iMac models out of stock ahead of rumored November event

The news: A number of popular Macs aren’t shipping until early December, according to data provided on

  • Everything that’s out of stock right now:
    • All 21.5-inch 4K iMac models ship on December 3
    • The highest-end 27-inch 5K iMac ships between November 25-December 3
    • All iMac Pro models ship on December 10
    • Both higher-end 13-inch MacBook Pro models ship on December 2
  • And the computes in stock:
    • All Mac mini models
    • All MacBook Air models
    • All Mac Pro models
    • The base, non-4K 21.5-inch iMac
    • Both 16-inch MacBook Pro models
  • Apple is rumored to hold their next event on Tuesday, November 17 where the first Mac(s) powered by Apple Silicon will be unveiled

Our take: Stock supply on Apple’s site isn’t always a guarantee that new products are on the way, but with rumors swirling of new Macs on the way…the 13-inch MacBook Pro and 21.5-inch iMac shortages align perfectly with the leaks. Earlier this year, stock for Apple Watch Series 5 was out of whack just ahead of the Series 6 unveil.