September 2020 leaderboard update

An interesting day

Following today’s announcement of next week’s event…and the release of no new products…here’s how the Apple source leaderboard got shaken up.

September 8, 2020 updates

🏀 Mark Gurman: 86.7 ⮕ 86.9% accurate

  • +3 accurate claims
    • No new Apple products coming week of 9/6
    • Announcement for September event week of 9/6
    • Apple will hold a special event later in September 2020

🧻 Jon Prosser: 77.8 ⮕ 67.6% accurate

  • +2 accurate claims
    • Apple doing something on their website on September 8
    • Between 9-12EST
  • +5 inaccurate claims
    • Press release schedule for September 8 at 6am PST
    • New iPad Released through a press release
      • Week 37 (beginning September 7)
    • New Apple Watch Released through a press release
      • Week 37 (beginning September 7)

Note: As you may have noticed, no source is perfect. That’s because even the best get some info right and some info wrong: do not harass anyone for their track record. The leaderboard functionality on AppleTrack is here only to help tech enthusiasts better understand how likely a rumor really is.

As always, if you notice a discrepancy on someone’s record, let us know.