Gurman: Larger iMac Pro with Apple Silicon is still coming

The rumor: Amidst rumors that the larger iMac is officially dead and there won’t be an iMac Pro…Mark Gurman (86.4% accurate, via Power On) believes otherwise.

  • With Apple announcing that M1 Ultra is the final chip in the M1 series, that Mac Pro is the final computer to be transitioned to Apple Silicon, and considering that Apple discontinued the existing 27-inch iMac, it appeared that Apple was saying there would be no more larger iMacs
  • “Some viewers took this to mean there would be no new iMac Pro with chips on par with the MacBook Pro or Mac Studio. I don’t think that’s the case. I still strongly believe a larger iMac with Apple’s pro chips is in development—but I don’t think it, nor the next Mac Pro, are coming anytime soon. The company’s statement is still technically true: The Mac Pro will be the last new Mac to get Apple Silicon. That’s because the iMac Pro doesn’t actually exist as a product. How can Apple update something that isn’t available? The Intel 27-inch iMac was just discontinued, and the previous iMac Pro was killed off a year ago,” Gurman says

Sam’s take: I’m extremely split on this because I can fully see Apple going either direction here. In one hand, the iMac is an iconic line and situates itself as a good middle-ground between a MacBook Pro and Mac Pro. On the other, that’s precisely where the Mac Studio and Studio Display sit now, too. But the iMac, as an all-in-one, is an iconic brand at this point that so many people know and love. Yet you could argue that’s why the 24-inch colorful iMac exists, though…

New rumor says updated Mac mini and external display coming this year, new iMac Pro and Mac Pro in 2023

The rumor: Apple will be updating their lower-end Mac desktops in 2022 and higher-end Mac offerings in 2023, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (70.4% accurate).

  • Later this year: Apple is said to release a “more powerful Mac mini and more affordable external display” that is a 27-inch non-Mini-LED panel
  • 2023: The iMac Pro and Mac Pro are said to be updated

Sam’s take: There’s not much detail about why these Macs may be launching so far apart…and it event contradicts with Apple’s own timeline of the transition to Apple Silicon being complete by the end of 2022. But Kuo also tends to know things very far in the future, and the first half of his tweet lines up with what other sources have been saying.

Apple planning to release new Macs in March, plus May/June

The rumor: Apple is planning to drop new Macs multiple times in 2022, according to Mark Gurman (85.5% accurate, via Power On).

  • “I don’t believe the iMac Pro launch is too distant either. While we’ll get new Macs in March, I’m told Apple is already gearing up for another round of Mac releases around May or June” Gurman says
  • Gurman suggests the new Mac Pro could debut around this time (at WWDC) and ship later in the Fall

Sam’s take: More and more, Apple’s Silicon releases are looking like regular, scheduled updates each year…rather than the incredibly sporadic releases we became accustomed to in the past. I’m here for it.

Revamped iMac Pro to launch in June 2022

The rumor: Apple’s all-new iMac Pro is still a few months away, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

Our take: Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we’ll be getting this new iMac Pro at Apple’s next event on March 8. But June sounds like a announcement at WWDC…

Redesigned 27-inch iMac pushed until Summer 2022

The rumor: Apple won’t be releasing a new iMac this Spring after all, according to Ross Young (100% accurate).

Our take: Usually when something sounds too goo to be true…it probably is. While this was, absolutely, the thing I was most looking forward to seeing this Spring, we’ll still be getting a new iPhone SE, iPad Air and Mac mini in just a few months.

Upcoming iMac Pro may include more powerful M1 Maxer chip

The rumor: Apple is planning a special variation of the M1 Max chip for the next iMac Pro, according to dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

  • In addition to the standard M1 Pro and M1 Max chips that Apple will place inside the redesigned 27-inch iMac, there may also be a more powerful 12-core CPU option available (only a 10-core CPU is available now)
  • Dylan notes that this chip will be intentionally “targeted towards pros”

Our take: Faster, Pro Apple Silicon this Spring sounds almost too good to be true…but Dylan’s track record for Apple Silicon leaks is simply unbeatable at this point. If this 12-core CPU option does ship this Spring, it will absolutely be the final straw for any remaining Apple Silicon holdouts. But what will they call it? Because they’re running out of superlatives. Introducing…M1 Maxer?

Apple planning to release 5 new Macs in 2022

The rumor: New versions of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, 27-inch iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro are coming in 2022, according to Mark Gurman (87% accurate, via Power On).

This is what’s expected…

  • “Revamped, high-end iMac with Apple silicon to sit above the new 24-inch model”
  • “Biggest MacBook Air revamp in the product’s history, adding the M2 chip and a new design”
  • “New versions of the Mac mini, entry-level MacBook Pro and a revamped Mac Pro with Apple silicon”

Our take: Next year Apple has said they will complete their 2-year transition from Intel to Apple Silicon so this tracks. Looking like 2022 will, potentially, be the biggest year for the Mac ever. And I want all of it.

New ‘iMac Pro’ concept shows gorgeous Space Gray returning alongside new ports

The concept: A new concept for the redesigned 27-inch iMac has just been shared by artist Ian Zelbo (@RendersByIan).

  • Space Gray and Silver color options are shown in a redesigned body similar to that of the 24-inch iMac with the M1 processor inside
  • New I/O, including a SD card slot and HDMI port are shown alongside multiple USB-C ports as rumors have suggested

Our take: This is almost the exact design I am expecting to see from Apple when the new 27-inch iMac drops in 2022. And I can’t wait.

Redesigned ‘iMac Pro’ details: 120Hz Mini-LED display, HDMI port & $2000 starting price

The leak: Apple’s upcoming redesign for the larger 27-inch iMac is happening in the first half of 2022, according to Dylandkt (77.5% accurate).

Here are the details from the best Mac leaker in the game right now:

  • Similar look to new 24-inch iMac and Pro Display XDR
  • Internally being called “iMac Pro”
  • 27-inch 120Hz ProMotion Mini-LED display
  • Face ID in testing
  • Base model specs: 16GB RAM, 512GB storage
  • M1 Pro and M1 Max chips (additional configuration may be happening)
  • Dark bezels
  • HDMI port
  • SD card slot
  • USB-C
  • Ethernet port built into power brick
  • Starting price at or over $2000 USD
  • Release in the first half of 2022

Our take: Everything about the new, larger iMac redesign sounds exactly like what I’ve been asking for…I just wish the screen was getting larger than 27-inches. After using the Pro Display XDR for a week or two now, I’ve fallen in love with 32-inches of screen real estate and I would LOVE to see this on the next iMac.

‘iMac Pro’ with Apple Silicon may not launch until 2022

The rumor: Apple is not updating the 27-inch iMac to Apple Silicon until sometime next year, according to dylandkt (81.3% accurate).

  • The larger iMac delay reportedly comes because Apple doesn’t want the 2021 M1X products to complete for attention and due to other delays in product releases
  • Apple’s next ‘iMac Pro’ could have a screen larger than 30 inches and an M1X or M2 chip inside

Our take: While this is super disappointing as someone who was planning to use this larger iMac as my main computer, at least we are getting some M1X devices later this year. A redesigned iMac, Mac mini and MacBook Pro launching at once would definitely be a lot, and Dylan definitely makes a good point in his tweet below.

Space Gray Mac accessories discontinued, available ‘while supplies last’

The news: Months after discontinuing the iMac Pro, Apple is not closing out their inventory for their Space Gray Magic accessories, as spotted first by MacRumors.

  • Apple’s Space Gray Magic Mouse, Track and Keyboard are available in limited quantities “while supplies last,” as noted by Apple on the bottom of each product page
  • Fresh color-matched accessories were recently unveiled alongside the M1 iMac

Our take: With the iMac Pro no longer being sold and updated Magic accessories announced, these didn’t really make much sense anymore. I’m sure we’ll see new color-matched accessories to replace these when we get the new iMac Pro later this year…