It’s happening: Apple is bringing back the 12-inch MacBook

The rumor: A smaller MacBook with a 12-inch display is on the table again at Apple, according to Mark Gurman (86.5% accurate, via Bloomberg).

  • Apple may be reincarnating the beloved 12-inch MacBook after formally discontinuing it in 2019
  • While weak Intel processors and an unreliable keyboard hindered the performance of the device, a fresh design and Apple Silicon could breathe new life into the product
  • Said to release in late 2023 or early 2024, the new 12-inch MacBook won’t materialize for quite some time still

Sam’s take: While small screen sizes on Macs have never made since in my mind…it’s clear the broader community feels different. Lots of folks online seem to be yearning for a new baby MacBook and it seems like Apple is listening. So let’s see if they get things right the second time around: I have a feeling they will.

New 15-inch MacBook Air said to release in Spring 2023

The rumor: Apple is working on a larger version of the all-new MacBook Air that was just announced at WWDC22, according to Mark Gurman (86.5% accurate, via Bloomberg).

  • “The 15-inch model under development is a wider version of the 13.6-inch MacBook Air that Apple announced this week…Apple had previously considered a 15-inch variation for this year’s MacBook Air, but shelved those plans to focus on the 13.6-inch version,” Gurman says
  • This first-of-its-kind MacBook Air is said to release sometime in Spring 2023, a reasonable time for Apple to hold a special event unveiling new products

Sam’s take: I’m seeing the genius here of staggering MacBook Air screen sizes in between those of the MacBook Pro. By the end of next year, the MacBook lineup is going to look like this: 13.6, 14.2, 15 and 16.2-inch displays across 4 different notebooks. There really is going to be a size and form factor for everyone…rather than just doubling down with the exact same sizes across the board as they did historically. I cannot wait for this larger MacBook Air (which I would bet will have a M2 chip inside).

14-inch iPad Pro rumored to release in early 2023 with Mini-LED + ProMotion

The rumor: Apple’s next iPad Pro will be their biggest yet, according to Ross Young (92.9% accurate).

  • Said to release in early 2023, the new iPad Pro will have a larger 14.1-inch display (up from the current 12.9-inch model)
  • The new screen will be Mini-LED and 120Hz ProMotion, too…sounding almost identical to the display on Apple’s newest MacBook Pro models

Sam’s take: Larger screened iPads sounds great. As large as my 12.9-inch iPad Pro is already, I would be lying if I said I didn’t crave some extra space for watching videos, drawing or looking at photos. Early next year is far sooner than I ever would have imagined a tablet this size dropping, but I have a feeling I’m going to want this new model. Even if iPadOS 16 still isn’t all the way there for replacing my Mac…

Apple could release a new 13-inch MacBook Pro as soon as tomorrow

The rumor: Alongside a new MacBook Air, Apple may have another laptop up their sleeves for WWDC, according to Mark Gurman (86.5% accurate, via Power On).

  • “A faster 13-inch MacBook Pro had also been planned to launch around the same time as the new Air, but those same lockdowns in China could have thrown off that part of the roadmap as well. When that machine does launch, expect it to look the same as the current 13-inch MacBook Pro from 2020 sans the Touch Bar,” Gurman says
  • While we don’t see a concrete timeline mentioned, it sounds like both a new MacBook Air and updated 13-inch MacBook Pro are coming either on Monday or soon after

Sam’s take: Let me translate the above: “A new 13-inch MacBook Pro was supposed to launch at WWDC the last I’ve heard but with the recent lockdowns, who knows, it may have been delayed…so don’t be surprised if you do or don’t see it.” Really, I think the fact that there’s no mention of a new Mac mini completely invalidates the “leak” from B&H Photo of new towers coming. My gut says we’re going to see both this new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro appear at the event tomorrow, but that’s not based off of anything other than the copious evidence that some new hardware is coming.

New ‘Mac mini tower’ listed at retailer ahead of WWDC

The leak: We may have potentially gotten a peek at some new Mac mini models, according to fresh listings on the B&H Photo website.

Sam’s take: Here’s the thing. While these are really fun to look at…they’ve been up now for well over a day. If these were actually leaked accidentally and B&H cared whatsoever about their relationship with Apple, they would’ve been taken down immediately. Considering that we haven’t heard any reputable rumors about these new computers, I’m guessing that, well, B&H is just guessing, too. Not to mention that the 8/256 configuration above doesn’t currently exist for any M1 Pro chip. The MacBook Air on the other hand…that will almost surely be unveiled tomorrow.

New WWDC 2022 tidbits surface ahead of event next week

The rumors: A number of interesting notes about WWDC and Apple’s upcoming headset have been shared in a new report from The New York Times (not yet tracked).

Here are the most interesting tidbits…

  • The AR/VR headset is real and coming…just not until sometime next year
  • Apple is working with Hollywood directors like Jon Favreau to create custom video content for the headset
  • At the event on Monday, Apple will “unveil software tools that would allow apps to add new camera and voice functionality, laying the groundwork for a hands-free interface that customers will eventually be able to navigate on the headset”
  • The report echoes that software will be the focus of WWDC this year, but a new MacBook Air with “slimmer borders” is also possible
  • Apple’s headset has been delayed until 2023 because of initial, weak computing power followed more recent issues with battery life
  • There’s also a new devkit coming on Monday that will give “software developers new abilities to trigger shortcuts inside their apps using Siri and QR codes, interactions that will be leveraged in future headsets”

Sam’s take: This entire report reads to me as Apple wanting to set expectations that their headset will not be shown off at WWDC on June 6. Some interesting tidbits, sure, but largely just a corroboration of what we’ve been hearing from other sources. Hardware-wise, it looks like we might only see a new MacBook Air on Monday…

Apple’s new MacBook Air coming next week will only be available in these 4 colors

The rumor: The new MacBook Air coming at WWDC isn’t going to be as colorful as we previously thought, according to Mark Gurman (86.5% accurate).

Sam’s take: This new rumor from Gurman doesn’t match what other sources like Jon Prosser (69.1% accurate) and Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate) have said previously…so I’m not entirely sold on the fact that only blue is coming. At the same time, Gurman’s track record doesn’t lie…

iPhone 14 delays in question amidst supply chain challenges

The rumors: Sources are currently split on whether or not the iPhone 14 will be delayed due to supply chain issues.

  • Jeff Pu (50% accurate, source) and Nikkei Asia (accuracy pending, source) report that iPhone 14 Max is currently delayed by about 3 weeks due to lockdowns in China because of COVID-19 outbreaks
  • Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate), however, says that things are “under control currently” and that suppliers will be able to work harder and catch up with the production schedule of other iPhone 14 models

Sam’s take: No doom and gloom for the iPhone 14 launch yet. And out of all of these reports, I absolutely put the most faith in Kuo’s prediction. By no means is a delayed launch of some iPhone models unprecedented (it happened with iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max)…I just don’t think it’s likely at this point in time. My bets are on all 4 iPhone 14 models launching simultaneously in September 2022.

Rumor says all iPhone 14 models getting 6GB RAM…but there’s a catch

The rumor: Apple is preparing to put the most RAM ever in all iPhone 14 models, but there’s a catch, according to Trendforce (84.5% accurate, source).

  • While all iPhone 14 models are said to have 6GB RAM, the type of RAM won’t be the same on all iPhone 14 models
  • While iPhone 14 and 14 Max will get 6GB LPDDR4X RAM, iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are getting 6GB of faster and more efficient LPDDR5 RAM

Sam’s take: This follows the through line of previous rumors of lower-end internals for iPhone 14 and higher-end stuff for iPhone 14 Pro. Historically, I’ve always been confused why Apple made the non-Pro and Pro model specs so similar…they were always just so close until recently history when we’ve started to see them diverge a bit. This year, there really won’t be many similarities at all…the Pros are getting the new display look, faster chip, better RAM and 48MP camera.

AR/VR headset unveil unlikely at WWDC, according to new rumor

The rumor: Apple’s all-new AR/VR headset isn’t dropping at WWDC, according to Ming-Chi Kuo (72.5% accurate).

Here’s why, according to Apple’s most iconic analyst…

  • The headset hasn’t even entered mass production yet, so an unveil for the that and the realityOS software would be quite early
  • Revealing everything months ahead of a hardware release could give Apple’s competitors time to catch up and copy the design and interfaces
  • Kuo also believes that this is “Apple’s most important product since iPhone launch,” and thus it deserves a dedicated launch event…not just a portion of WWDC

Sam’s take: There is a pretty general consensus among leakers right now that a full unveil of the AR/VR headset isn’t happening at WWDC. I was on the side of us getting at least a teaser, but these are some pretty compelling reasons from Kuo. That being said, I would be we are going to see some new augmented and virtual reality frameworks for developers to play with at dub dub.

iPadOS 16 rumored to finally gain laptop-like functionality

The rumor: Apple’s is planning some major upgrades for iPadOS 16 next week, according to Mark Gurman.

Here’s the report, via Bloomberg…

  • Redesigned multitasking view: “makes it easier to see what apps are open and switch between tasks”
  • Ability to resize app windows like you can on macOS, making it easier to use multiple apps simultaneously
  • Improved split-view functionality for running apps side-by-side

Sam’s take: Windowing on the iPad could finally be the game-changer needed to make iPadOS a viable laptop replacement. At the same time, I feel like we’ve heard time and time again that this year would finally be the year that iPadOS gets better! And then every year, it doesn’t. So call my expectations on windowing tempered, to say the least. That being said…maybe this is finally the year?