Future Apple Watch to get thermometer, partial blood pressure monitoring

The rumor: Apple is planning to add some minor new health features to Apple Watch within the next few years, according to Wall Street Journal (80% accurate, source).

  • According to the report, Apple is planning a thermometer sensor for as soon as next year on the Apple Watch Series 8…but it won’t initially be for determining your temperature: rather, it will be to help with fertility planning for women
  • Blood pressure monitoring is also coming later down the road…using an innovative new method where the speed of the wave of your heartbeat will be measured as it travels through your arteries: this will show you a trend of your blood pressure, but not allow you to see a medical readout of systolic and diastolic numbers

Our take: More evidence that no major new health features are coming to Apple Watch this year. And the features coming over the next few years don’t sound very useful either. A temperature sensor only helpful for fertility tracking at launch, and a blood pressure reader that doesn’t provide your actual blood pressure on-demand? These sound mediocre at best, and absolutely less impactful and meaningful than they could be.

New Apple Watch and Mac models show up in regulatory filings

The news: Apple is preparing to launch new Apple Watch and Mac models, according to fresh filings from the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) who routinely reveals the existence of new products (via Consomac).

Here’s what the new EEC filings show:

  • 2 new Mac models: A2442 and A2485 that run macOS 12 Monterey
  • 6 new Apple Watch models: A2473, A2474, A2475, A2476, A2477 and A2478 running watchOS 8

Our take: No surprises here, just more evidence that we are definitely seeing new MacBook Pros and Apple Watches this Fall. iPhones, are coming too, of course.

Gurman: Apple has no imminent plans for Touch ID on Apple Watch

The rumor: Apple is not planning to add Touch ID to Apple Watch anytime soon, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Power On).

  • Gurman says that while there is some merit for Touch ID to make its debut on Apple Watch, he doesn’t “see that happening any time soon, if ever”
  • A previous rumor from The Verifier (54.7% accurate) said that Touch ID would be shipping on the Apple Watch Series 7

Our take: Genuinely, what will the upgrades for Apple Watch Series 7 be? A new design, a faster processor…and what else? Each year the Apple Watch upgrades seem to be shrinking.

Apple releases 22 new limited edition watch bands in International Collection

The news: Ahead of the 2021 Olympics, Apple has unveiled 22 new, limited edition watch bands.

  • “The soft, breathable, and lightweight International Collection Sport Loop bands are available representing the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the US,” Apple says
  • The new watch bands are available only for a limited time and can be ordered on apple.com now

Our take: I love to see Apple making these limited edition watch bands more widely available for the 2021 Olympics…they did this ins 2016 but the bands were incredibly exclusive and hard to find.

Apple Watch Series 7 may include new double-sided S7 chip

The rumor: Apple is working on a radical upgrade to the chip design in Apple Watch Series 7, according to DigiTimes (63.5% accurate, via MacRumors.)

  • Taiwanese supplier ASE Technology has developed double-sided System in Package (SiP) technology that allows for a smaller chip design
  • Apple Watch Series 7 is rumored to be redesigned and include new health features

Our take: This absolutely sounds like it could lead to a larger battery in a watch that is tremendously size constrained already. In all of Apple’s products, every millimeter counts…but especially in smaller ones like AirPods or Apple Watch.

Apple Watch SE 2 likely coming in 2022

The rumor: Apple is not planning to update the Apple Watch SE until next year, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Bloomberg).

Our take: I don’t know of a case where Apple has updated a SE product year-over-year yet, so don’t look for a new SE watch until 2022.

Apple Watch Series 8: new ‘explorer’ edition, body temperature sensor, coming in 2022

The rumor: Apple is planning to introduce a major new health sensor in the 2022 Apple Watch, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Bloomberg).

  • A new “explorer” or “adventure” edition of the Apple Watch that is more rugged and resilient was initially planned for this year but may have been pushed back until 2022
  • There’s also a body temperature sensor in the works, which would be invaluable during a time like the COVID-19 pandemic, and should be included on the Apple Watch Series 8
  • Non-invasive glucose monitoring, which would be a medical breakthrough, “is unlikely to be ready for commercial launch for several more years”

Our take: I’ve been asking Apple for a body temperature sensor for years now (way before the pandemic was here), and I’m ecstatic to hear that it’s finally coming. I think a launch this year would be timely though, as we likely (hopefully) won’t be thinking about COVID-19 in September 2022.

Apple Watch Series 7 to be slightly thicker and faster; better display

The rumor: The Apple Watch Series 7 will include moderate upgrades over last year’s model, according to Mark Gurman (89.1% accurate, via Bloomberg).

  • “For this year’s model, Apple has tested thinner display borders and a new lamination technique that brings the display closer to the front cover” Gurman says
  • Apple Watch Series 7 may also include upgraded ultra-wideband functionality, a faster processor and better wireless connectivity
  • Apple will likely unveil the new Apple Watch at an event sometime this Fall

Our take: I’m curious to see how much closer Apple can get the display to the front glass of the watch because looking at mine now…it already seems as close as it can get (and it looks great). Interesting to note that Gurman doesn’t mention a full redesign, however, as other sources have suggested.

Apple Watch Series 7 may see redesign, come in new green color

The rumor: Apple is planning a new design and at least one new color for Apple Watch Series 7, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate) on the Genius Bar podcast.

  • As previously reported by Ming-Chi Kuo (76.6% accurate), the Apple Watch Series 7 will feature a new design
  • For the first time on Apple Watch, it may also feature a new green colorway similar to the shade found on AirPods Max or iPad Air

Our take: Sounds like Apple Watch Series 7 will be the most significant upgrade since the Series 4 back in 2018. I’ve seen the new design, and I really like it. Falls right in line with Apple’s recent product redesigns like iPad Pro, iPhone 12 and even the new M1 iMac.

Apple releases 2 new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands

The news: Alongside big announcements for Apple Music, 2 new Apple Watch Pride Edition bands have also been released.

  • “The Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop ($99) artfully weaves together the original rainbow colors with those drawn from various Pride flags to represent the breadth of diversity among LGBTQ+ experiences and the history of a movement that has spanned generations” Apple says
  • A new version of the Nike Sport Loop band ($49) has also been released and features all 6 colors of the rainbow
  • Both bands are available for order now, and will release in Apple Stores on May 25

Our take: I love Apple’s yearly Pride releases and the new Solo Loop this year looks exceptional. $99 is a bit pricey though…

Apple’s first 2021 releases may include new tablet, accessory and wearable products

The rumors: Apple’s April product releases will include a tablet, wearable and accessory, according to Max Weinbach (67.1% accurate).

  • Tablet: a new iPad Pro (with Mini-LED on the 12.9-inch, 5G, upgraded cameras and Thunderbolt support)
  • Wearable: “likely new seasonal Apple Watch bands” (new Solo Loop colors)
  • Accessory: AirTags, Apple’s long-awaited tracking accessory

Our take: Only new info here is about the Apple Watch bands, which Apple does just about every year. Wouldn’t it be wild if the new watch band was an indigo color?