Exclusive: This is Mac Studio and Apple’s new display, coming at March 8 event

The exclusive: Following the first reports of an all-new desktop and monitor from Apple, AppleTrack is now sharing a first look at the upcoming devices.

  • According to people familiar with the matter who spoke with Luke Miani, the Mac Studio resembles 2 Mac minis stacked on top of each other, with silver sides and a white top with rounded edges similar to the newest MacBook Pro models
  • The people, who asked to remain unnamed, tell us Mac Studio is around the same footprint as the M1 Mac mini, but about 4 inches tall
  • We’re told Mac Studio is accompanied by a new display, measuring roughly 27-inches diagonally, with a similar design to the Pro Display XDR (but it’ll have slightly thicker bezels and no circular lattice pattern on the rear)
  • Both Mac Studio and the new display are scheduled to launch as early as tomorrow, March 8 at Apple’s event…but the company’s plans are historically fluid and subject to change

Luke Miani’s take: This exclusive reporting corroborates prior reports and adds more concrete information about the design. This new look carries on the Mac mini philosophy of minimalism, without eccentric milled aluminum holes like Mac Pro. Expect Mac Studio to feature a wide array of IO, with more USB-C ports than on the current M1 Mac mini. Based on the information we received, we are expecting the new Mac and display to launch at tomorrow’s “Peek Performance” Event.

Exclusive: New green iPhone 13 and purple iPad Air launching at March 8 event

The exclusive: Apple is preparing to launch new color options for iPad Air and iPhone 13, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke with Luke Miani.

  • The people, who asked to remain anonymous, said Apple is bringing a new dark green color to iPhone 13…think somewhere between the Mint iPhone 12 and Midnight Green iPhone 11 Pro
  • A refreshed iPad Air will also launch this week in a new purple color, similar to what is available on the current iPad mini

Luke Miani’s take: This exclusive reporting covers some of the updates we can expect to see tomorrow, and I’m very confident in its accuracy. We can add this information to what others have heard about the refreshed iPad Air already: A15 chip, 5G support and Center Stage are also expected. As for the iPhone 13, don’t expect any updates beside color: this is basically what happened at last year’s Spring Loaded event, when Apple added a new Purple iPhone 12 with no other changes.

Exclusive: New HomePod mini colors will be available next week

The exclusive: The final products announced at Apple’s October ‘Unleashed’ event will release next week, according to people familiar with the matter.

  • New Blue, Orange and Yellow color options for HomePod mini will be available for order as soon as Monday, the people said
  • The fresh colors that were announced alongside third-generation AirPods and redesigned MacBook Pro models earlier this month join the existing lineup of Space Gray and White

Our take: While Apple has confirmed the new colors will launch in November, they haven’t provided an official date. We’re hearing November 1.

UK carrier source code references iPhone 13

The leak: O2, a popular wireless carrier in the UK, has included references to Apple’s unreleased iPhone 13 on their website…ahead of an expected September unveil.

Our take: This could be one of two things: a) Apple is known to communicate with carriers ahead of the launch of a new phone and this could simply be preparation for the phone’s official launch in a few weeks or b) just a guess from a random developer that works for O2 that is making their best guess as to what Apple’s next phone will be called. But more and more evidence is pointing to iPhone 13, not iPhone 12s.

Thanks Patton!

iPhone 13 design hands-on: major camera upgrades, smaller notch & more

The exclusive: This is your first look at the updated design coming to Apple’s 2021 iPhone lineup, rumored to launch sometime in September.

  • There aren’t any major, structural changes…but there are big camera upgrades happening across the board
    • The lower-end 5.4/6.1-inch iPhone models will see their lenses criss-crossed for a fresh design
    • Apple’s 6.1-inch Pro model is getting a much larger camera module equal in size to that on the Pro Max
  • A smaller, redesigned notch is also coming: the speaker grill has been relocated to the top bezel accordingly
  • Minor button placement changes for the side button and volume rocker can also be seen here, but it’s possible they could also be a printing error

Our take: We’ll have to wait until September for the full picture of what these iPhones will be, but on the outside these absolutely look like an “S year” upgrade. It’s the same great design we got on iPhone 12 but with camera changes and a new notch. And this is a good thing: I wasn’t ready to part with the iPhone 12 design so soon. It still holds up with no contest.

Exclusive: Next Apple Silicon MacBook Pros may be limited to 32GB of RAM

The exclusive: New information seems to cast doubt on the existence of 64GB RAM options for the upcoming MacBook Pro models, a ‘downgrade’ compared to current configuration options for Intel models, AppleTrack has learned.

  • 16GB of RAM will be standard on the 16-inch MacBook Pro as it is now, but we believe there may not be a 64GB RAM option as has been suggested by other sources
  • Apple allows current 16-inch MacBook Pros powered by Intel to be configured with 16, 32, or 64GB of RAM

Luke Miani’s take: This is a weird one folks. It seems odd that Apple would remove the option to upgrade to 64GB of RAM, and other sources have suggested that the option will remain…but the information we have received and verified indicates that 16 and 32GB will be the only options for the new machines. While this may disappoint some, I have to wonder if low demand for the more expensive $800 option for 64GB RAM contributed to Apple’s decision making here.

Exclusive: Upcoming MacBook Pros to feature upgraded UHS-II SD card slot

The exclusive: The next MacBook Pro models will feature UHS-II SD card readers, AppleTrack has learned from a trusted source.

Luke Miani’s take: Adding UHS-II to the MacBook Pro will be a huge upgrade to video editors and photographers – you know, the people who really want SD card slots! It’s been great to hear in multiple reports that the SD Card slot is making a comeback, but to have this additional high-speed capability is great news. 

Exclusive: Upcoming MacBook Pros will feature backlit Touch ID button

The exclusive: Apple’s upcoming MacBook Pro redesign will include an upgraded Touch ID sensor, according to new information obtained by AppleTrack.

  • According to new information we’ve reviewed, the upcoming MacBook Pro series will feature a revamped Touch ID button that is backlit by multiple dedicated LEDs
  • Interestingly, the Touch ID backlight is notably separate from the rest of the keyboard, suggesting that there may be unknown additional functionality tied to this key

Luke Miani’s take: While this information may be minor, there could be additional functionality involved here. While it’s possible this could be a simple backlight like other keys, the dedicated LEDs and repeated emphasis suggest to me that additional functionality could be involved. For example, if the redesigned MacBook Pros carry over the circular ring around the sensor as found on new iMacs, the LEDs could illuminate the ring with animations when prompted to use the sensor, or to confirm sensor readings.

Rumor suggests new AirPods coming next week

The rumor: Apple could have another Spring surprise up their sleeve, and it could be happening next Tuesday, according to YouTuber Luke Miani (not yet tracked).

  • Miani, who we reached out to, said that new AirPods could be announced on May 18 via a press release that could also include a ‘Apple Music HiFi’ debut
  • AppleTrack has heard privately that Apple is planning to release new AirPods in the coming weeks

Our take: From the countless images we’ve seen to the fact that AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro were both announced as part of a press release, this doesn’t feel like too far of a stretch. Miani, however, does not have a track record…so it’s important to take this with a grain of salt.

Exclusive: Apple plans imminent launch of new high-end headphones

The exclusive: Apple is gearing up to release their first pair of Apple-branded over-ear headphones, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter who request to remain anonymous.

  • The over-ear headphones, likely to tout AirPods branding, may launch as soon as tomorrow…but Apple’s plans are historically fluid and subject to change
  • Fan-favorite features will be included: Premium sound quality, auto play/pause when putting on the headphones or taking them off, instant pairing with your devices and noise cancellation are coming
  • Previous rumors suggest the product may be coined “AirPods Studio” and could start at $349

Our take: AppleTrack looks forward to seeing these new headphones unveiled very soon. Also…we wouldn’t expect an update to the Apple TV this year.

Exclusive: Hands-on with iPhone 12’s radical new design

Watch the hands-on video here: https://youtu.be/pdSs2DMwWyE

The exclusive: The new iPhones coming out later this year will all feature a radical new design that is starkly different from the iPhone 11 series.

  • As previously rumored, the design looks similar to iPad Pro with stainless steel (Pro models) or aluminum (non-Pro models) wrapped around the edges
  • There are 3 sizes but 4 models to choose from this year:
    • 12: 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch
    • 12 Pro: 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch
  • For the first time since the iPhone 5s, the phones can stand up on their own
  • The camera module on all models is incomplete and exists as a placeholder

Our take: These are the best looking iPhone models ever, and they genuinely feel like something new for the first time in years. We haven’t seen a significant design upgrade since we went from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6, and this year a shift is happening again. Sitting in your hand, the squared design feels just as a right to me as the more curvy iPhones released most recently. You’re going to love these.