Apple Watch ‘SE’ coming next week with Series 4 design

The rumor: A new, lower-cost Apple Watch with the design of the Series 4 is coming next week at Apple’s September 15 event, according to Jon Prosser (67.6% accurate).

  • The Series 4-designed Watch will come in 40 and 44mm sizes
  • But some major features from the Series 5 will be missing: both ECG and the always-on display won’t be present
  • An M9 chip will be inside

Our take: To me, these specs sound pretty much spot-on. It’s a solid balance between not as new as the Series 5 but not too old like the Series 3.

September 2020 leaderboard update

Following today’s announcement of next week’s event…and the release of no new products…here’s how the Apple source leaderboard got shaken up.

September 8, 2020 updates

🏀 Mark Gurman: 86.7 ⮕ 86.9% accurate

  • +3 accurate claims
    • No new Apple products coming week of 9/6
    • Announcement for September event week of 9/6
    • Apple will hold a special event later in September 2020

🧻 Jon Prosser: 77.8 ⮕ 67.6% accurate

  • +2 accurate claims
    • Apple doing something on their website on September 8
    • Between 9-12EST
  • +5 inaccurate claims
    • Press release schedule for September 8 at 6am PST
    • New iPad Released through a press release
      • Week 37 (beginning September 7)
    • New Apple Watch Released through a press release
      • Week 37 (beginning September 7)

Note: As you may have noticed, no source is perfect. That’s because even the best get some info right and some info wrong: do not harass anyone for their track record. The leaderboard functionality on AppleTrack is here only to help tech enthusiasts better understand how likely a rumor really is.

As always, if you notice a discrepancy on someone’s record, let us know.

Sources split on Apple’s September 8 announcement

The latest: Ahead of some announcement on tomorrow morning, sources are split on what Apple what the contents of the press release will be.

  • Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman (86.7% accurate) believes that tomorrow’s newsroom update will be an announcement for the September Special Event
  • Front Page Tech owner Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate) says we’ll be seeing a new Apple Watch…and potentially a revamped iPad Air
  • Both sources agree that something is happening within the next 24 hours

Our take: Neither source is backing down on what they think we’ll be seeing tomorrow, and while Gurman’s track record exceeds Prosser’s in longevity and accuracy…it’s a close race. AppleTrack will keep you updated: see you in 12 hours.

New Apple product(s) likely coming on September 8

The news: After previewing that something was happening on September 8, Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate) has confirmed that a new Apple product or two is coming later this week.

  • The new product(s) are said to be coming this Tuesday at 6am PST
  • Prosser previously said that new iPad and Apple Watch models were coming this month
  • L0vetodream (89.2% accurate) however, doesn’t think a new Apple Watch is coming in September

Our take: I’m far more confident in a new iPad Air launching on Tuesday than a new Apple Watch. A pair of recent reports have said the Apple Watch Series 6 isn’t coming out this month after all, so temper your expectations for this week’s press release accordingly! Will be an exciting week nonetheless.

Apple website ‘event’ to take place on September 8

The rumor: Apple is planning to host something on their website early next week, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

  • The details are currently ambiguous, but the ‘event’ may be taking place between 6 and 9am PST
  • Prosser previously said new products would be unveiled in September via a press release
  • Apple Watch Series 6, a new iPad Air and a new budget iPad are all expected to be unveiled this month, ahead of a larger event in October

Our take: This lines up with the recent Watch and iPad leaks that seemed to suggest something was coming very, very soon. This, on top of the fact that if there’s one thing that Prosser is good at…it’s release dates. We’ll likely see you on next week!

iPhone 12 Pro Max screenshots show 120Hz support, 4k240p slow-mo

The leak: Screenshots from a nearly complete iPhone 12 Pro Max test unit have been leaked by Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

New features shown in the first screenshot:

  • LiDAR sensor autofocus and subject detection
  • New video modes of 4k120/4k240p video
  • Enhanced night mode with extended exposure times
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Bit depth video
  • Zoom enhancements

And from the second, arguably more exciting screenshot:

  • High refresh rate (120hz) support
  • Adaptive refresh rate changes from 60 to 120hz as needed

Our take: These screenshots are pretty wild. Don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like this before. Confirms a lot of what we’ve been hearing, and they’re almost certainly real with Jon’s track record. That being said…these are test features. Not all will likely make the cut.

120Hz display may still launch on iPhone 12 Pro

The rumor: Amid issues implementing 120Hz displays on the iPhone 12 Pro series, the feature may still make the cut, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

  • Prototypes currently exist with 120hz working on the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Other sources have recently indicated that iPad-Pro like ProMotion tech is not coming in 2020

Our take: Who is to believe at this point? Prosser (77.8% accurate) has been consistent in saying from the get-go that 120Hz is coming. But Weinbach (39.1% accurate) doesn’t think it will make the launch. Across the board, sources seem split on this defining feature.

Apple’s foldable iPhone may have a fabric hinge, Face ID & more

The rumor: Apple is actively working on the development of a foldable iPhone, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

  • The current foldable prototype has a fabric hinge
  • 2 separate display panels align perfectly to create a ‘seamless’ screen
  • Stainless steel rounded edges are also present
  • There’s also an outer display with no notch, but slim forehead with embedded Face ID
  • No release date is currently known

Our take: So Apple obviously has a lot of products currently in development that we’ve heard about: Apple Glass, Apple Car, foldable iPad, foldable iPhone…so on and so forth. The foldable iPhone is still something I just have a really hard time seeing from Apple. I have absolutely no doubt that they’re playing around with the idea for some kind of foldable…but the concept itself is still so niche in my mind. I’d bet that if this ever makes it to market, it’s still 2-3 years out.

iPhone 12 may ship in October, 12 Pro in November

The rumor: Apple will release the standard iPhone 12 models in October and higher-end 12 Pro variations in November, according to Jon Prosser (77.8% accurate).

  • You’ll be able to pre-order to iPhone 12 as soon as the week of October 12
  • iPhone 12 devices could ship out the week of October 19
  • Specific iPhone 12 Pro shipping info has not yet been decided yet

Our take: This schedule is reminiscent of what Apple did with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X releases in 2017. That being said, Mark Gurman (86.6% accurate) seems to think something is off here… Dates below are very believable, yet I’m personally surprised that this info has surfaced already.

Apple may skip September in favor of October 2020 Special Event

The news: Apple plans to unveil new products at a special event in October 2020, according to Jon Prosser (80% accurate).

  • Apple confirmed the new iPhones would be coming later than usual this year
  • Prosser also says new iPads are coming in October
  • Apple has held an event in September ever year since 2012

Our take: With COVID-19 clearly disrupting Apple’s development for new products and the new iPhones launching later, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Apple skipped their usual September Special Event. Disappointing, sure. But not surprising based on Apple’s wonky hardware release schedule this year.

iPhone 12 and new iPads likely releasing in October

The rumor: New iPhone and iPad models will be releasing in October of this year, according to Jon Prosser (78.4% accurate).

  • In years without a global pandemic, at least one of Apple’s flagship iPhones always ships in September
  • A Qualcomm executive suggested that a constraint in supply of 5G modems could be why
  • One of the new iPad models in question could be a 10.8-inch, lower-cost iPad Air

Our take: As I’ve mentioned before, I think it would be silly to assume that the iPhone 12’s development cycle wasn’t thrown for a loop due to COVID-19. October or even November are likely when the new iPhones, specifically will be dropping.